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The earth
those who listen.

-William Shakespeare


Living in Australia, inspiration is all around us.

It is in the beautiful turquoise ocean and in the breathtaking red desert; It is in the lavish green fern forests and in the white snowy mountains. It is in the stunning pink lakes and in the sunny, blue skies and you can even find it in the grey winter clouds. You just need to look.

Don't just walk pass it. Enjoy it. Breath it all in. Live it. Appreciate the beauty of this amazing and unique continent and be inspired, every day

Miller's Pottery handmade ceramic collections are inspired by Australia's unique and beautiful landscapes, combining raw, earthy clay with unique home-made glazes to create stunning combinations.

All the pieces you see here are designed, crafted and coloured by us, by hand, with great care and attention to detail in our small, Melbourne studio. With our hearts and souls invested in each item we make, we hope you will enjoy using our ceramics at least as much as we enjoy making them. 

Melbourne, Australia                      email us:                                                                              0413 806 271


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