A beautiful and modern set for Pesach, including a large serving platter with an imprint from the HAGGADAH in Hebrew in the middile ("This is the bread of poverty that our ancestors ate in the land of Egypt. Let all who are hungry come and eat, let all who are needy come and partake of the Passover offering") and 6 matching bowls with the Seder's "Bracaha" imprinted on the outside of each bowl.


The serving platter is glazed inside with our white glaze while the outside of the platter is unglazed, exposing our beautiful terracotta clay. The bowls are glazed in white inside, complemented with a flower decal at the bottom while the outside is glazed with a combination of bluish glazes .

Modern Pesach Plate

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  • Serving plate diameter: ~31cm

    Serving plate Height: ~3.3cm

    Bowl diameter: ~9-9.5cm

    Bowl Height: ~5cm


    Please note that as these items are handmade, dimensions may vary

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