Wheel thrown plate, glazed twith our special "dirty snow" glaze and 8 pomegranate bowls glazed with our stunning red glaze and a handmade beehive honey pot with a wooden dipper.

8 Pomegranate bowls imprinted with Hebrew words for Rosh-Hashanah 'Seder': Pomegranate, Date, Gourd, Apple & Honey, Ram's Head, Beets, Leek and Beans.

Rosh Hashana Plate with Red Pomegranate bowls

  • Plate Diameter: ~28cm

    Pome Diameter: ~6-7cm

    Pome Depth: ~2cm

    Honey Pot Diameter (top): ~6cm

    Honey Pot Height: ~8.5cm


    lease note that as these items are handmade, dimensions may vary