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If you are willing to do something that might not work, you're closer to being an artist

-Seth Godin

Our Boutique Collection

In our pottery journey we are constantly exploring, researching and learning about new techniques, trends and technologies. We also love experimenting with new clay bodies, materials and glazes - experiments that quite often end up in the bin (and with a heartache), but more often than not we are amazed by the results (even when they're very different to what we thought we will get), turning up to be so much more beautiful and interesting than we could ever hope for.


Our Boutique collection is where we share the successful outcomes of these adventurous experiments with you, offering you a unique ceramic artwork, featuring our most interesting clay-bodies, glazes and designs.

Every once in a while we will update our boutique collection with new and exciting creations, never the same as before. 

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