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We are all different; some of us cannot start their day without a steaming cup of coffee and some only have their first cup of tea in the afternoon (with or without milk is a different question altogether!). Some like their drink in small portions and some could sip it from a mug that could otherwise be used a soup bowl. We're not judging.

Our mugs collection is here to cater for all needs - big or small, tall or short... single glaze, a combination of a few colours or just a clean mug complemented with a delicate decoration. Which one would you choose? (or even better, don't choose, grab a few!).

All the pieces in our unique kitchenware collection are made with highest quality materials and are coated with food-safe glazes.  High temperature firing ensures excellent durability and extremely low absorption rate.

Read more here about how to care for your ceramics.

Learn the rules like
a pro, so you can break them like
an artist
-Pablo Picasso

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