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To practice
art, no matter
how well or badly is a way to make your soul grow.
So do it.

Kurt  Vonnegut

Our Kitchenware Collection

We love food. We love cooking it, baking it, grilling it and stir-frying it and most of all - we love eating it. 

Eating it with our eyes, our nose, our mouth and even our hands (and that's absolutely fine!)... after all, our senses go wild even when we hear the sizzle of something cooking. 

When designing and crafting our kitchenware collection this is exactly what we have in mind. We want to create wares that are beautiful to look at, pleasant to touch and safe to eat from. Ultimately we want to create pieces that will upgrade your dining experience to be a feast for all senses.

Our inspiration? look around you. The beautiful colours of our oceans and lakes, the sky (even on a winter day), the trees, the mountains, the birds (even the noisy ones), everything! we are very lucky to live in this beautiful piece of heaven.

All the pieces in our unique kitchenware collection are made with highest quality materials and are coated with food-safe glazes.  High temperature firing ensures excellent durability and extremely low absorption rate.

Read more here about how to care for your ceramics. 

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