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Our Judaica Collection

If you wait until you find the meaning of life, will there be enough life left to live meaningfully?

-The Lubavitcher Rebbe

"Jewish ceremonial art, also known as Judaica, refers to an array of objects used by Jews for ritual purposes.


Because enhancing a mitzva by performing it with an especially beautiful object is considered a praiseworthy way of honouring God's commandments, Judaism has a long tradition of commissioning ritual objects from craftsmen and artists".

This is how Wikipedia defines Judaica. For us, those who grew up in a Jewish home, the word "Judaica" encapsulates our tradition, our memories and most of all - our family.

Whether it is the fragile Menorah you only take out once a year in Hanukah, the Kiddush cup that will always remind you of your late grandfather or the Mezuzah you can find on the doorpost with your eyes closed - they are all much more than the matter which they are made of. They form part of long held traditions which, through using these items at particular times during the year, have been embedded in your soul.

In our Judaica collection, we wanted to capture exactly that - our memories and tradition, and share them with you.

​Our unique, handmade ceramic Judaica collection honours our Jewish tradition and culture and is a reflection of our love to our families – we hope you will feel it too! 

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