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The highest form of wisdom is kindness.

-The Talmud

Rosh Hashanah

No single article can capture the paradox of Rosh Hashanah, much less explain it. To understand Rosh Hashanah, we need to experience it — spend those hours praying in shul, hear the shofar’s hundred notes, dip the apple in honey and eat the tzimmes

- Yanki Tauber.

Being the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashana is an opportunity for us to celebrate with our family and friends, be thankful for the year that passed and hope for an even better year to come; and what is a more suitable then to do it over a nice, big meal? 

Our Rosh Hashanah collection offers a variety of functional and decorative servingware to make your new year extra special and sweet.

More unique and beautiful items are added to our Rosh Hashanah collection every year, a few weeks before Passover, so stay tuned.

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